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Vero Wealth: What does True Wealth mean to you?

The word “Vero” comes from a Latin root word which means True. We're here to help our clients define, refine, and reach True Wealth, however you may describe it.

Some might attach a dollar figure to True Wealth. For others, it may be the ability to pursue certain experiences, travels, or memories. Some might see True Wealth as the ability to give back in a significant way to help others. Regardless of your description, we're here to help.

Your definition of True Wealth if probably as unique as your life story: different than any other individual. To help in your pursuit of True Wealth, we use a comprehensive process to truly get to know you and your needs. Vero Wealth is an Independent Registered Investment Advisor, but we look beyond just investments and want to understand your whole financial picture. We’ll be your financial partner: your first call when you face those important life and financial decisions.