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What does True Wealth mean to you?

The word “Vero” comes from a Latin root word which means True. Our mission is to help enable our clients live their True Wealth Lifestyle: spending more time with the people and passions they value and less time on their money.

Our Why

We realize that our work impacts more than just numbers that show up on a statement, so we don't want to be just another investment group. Our advice can turn into increased time with your family, more experiences to be cherished, bigger gifts to your favorite charity, or finally starting that business. 

Our clients can help make the world a better place, and so our advice reaches well beyond the person across the table.

Seeing the ripple effect of our advice is True Wealth to us.

How we help

Our financial planning process starts with understanding your current situation, mapping out your goals and destination, and then navigating with you on your journey.

Vero Wealth is an Independent Registered Investment Advisor, but we look beyond investments to many other areas where money touches your life. Our conversations often cover diverse topics: job changes, early retirement buyouts, charitable giving, relocating, losing a spouse, estate planning, insurance questions, and the list could continue on and on.

In summary, we're here to be your financial partner: the one you contact when those life changes happen.


If you like what you've seen thus far or are simply curious, perhaps it makes sense to have some kind of conversation? We want to assure you that we value your privacy. Also, in answer to a common question, "What will the first meeting cost?" Nothing! 

You may also directly contact either Mark Cade or Doug Rotman. Specific phone and email information is below.

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